The “Well Put Together Girl”

Let me paint you a picture. You see a girl striding gracefully towards you, and you can’t help but stare rudely. Her hair is long and impossibly shiny, with bounce that is usually confined to the advertisements of hair products on television. Her skin looks as soft as your pillow feels after a late night out drinking, and is all an even olive brown, leaving you wondering jealously if her tan is real or fake. Her makeup is perfection, that natural look which, if you are anything like me made you look worse than you looked without makeup on at all, or just as terrible.

Her clothes are perfectly fitted, clean and pressed, as though she has just walked straight off of a magazine cover. But, as much as I would like to believe the kind of perfection she is radiating is the product of expensive airbrushing, she’s no celebrity front cover. She’s that elusive female that i dubbed some time ago now as the “well put together girl.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time we blew this shit way out of the water.

Here’s the real kicker. She isn’t necessarily the most typically attractive person you have ever seen in your life, so it begs the question. If it isn’t great genes then what exactly is the secret here? What is it that I, as a regular person am missing? God knows, I have tried just about every product and service out there that promised to improve my appearance, be it nicer hair, smoother skin, polished nails, if its been advertised, i have whipped out my credit card. Now, i’m not saying that they all failed me miserably, some did deliver on their promise and improve my looks. However, not once have I walked out of the house looking as though my team of stylists were packing up shop inside.

I’ve seen fabulous hairdressers yes, and shopped in equally as fabulous high end stores, thinking that I had uncovered the secret- money. And a lot of it. Surely these girls looked this way because they were rich! Yes, that must be it. So you can imagine my bitterness to find that even if I spent my entire bank balance on an outfit, when worn by me, it would end up looking equally as dishevelled as my favourite go-to outfit that I had been over-wearing for the last year.

It’s as though there is some invisible force field around these women, protecting them from the elements, except of course for that slight breeze which manages to catch their hair at the picture perfect moment. So I’m left with only one thought… There must be some secret lair out there somewhere were all of these girls hang out, discuss their well kept secret and laugh at the rest of us commoners.

That is the mystery of the “well put together girl”. But, i need answers. I need to know the secrets of these rare creatures that live amongst us. So tell me, do you know one of these girls? Is (god forbid) one of these girls your best friend? Or worse, your sister? Have you seen her going about her daily ‘getting ready’ routine? Are you, yourself one of these girls? And if so, tell me. Do you like the rest of us, have self diagnosed flaws which you berate yourself about on a regular basis? Or, alternatively, have you no idea what I am talking about and think I am a crazy nutjob?

Please, post below and lets find the answers, whatever they may be to this ongoing phenomenon.


2 thoughts on “The “Well Put Together Girl”

  1. The secret is in the attitude, its the way she carries herself and the confidence that she has in herself more than the clothes and hair etc they only enhance her positive vibe.
    The secret is really self belief!

    • Karen got it on one. She eats well, trains well, works hard and is surround by people who help her improve herself daily. She walks into a room oblivious of its content as she belives in her self and has little insecurity about who she is. She has no need to judge others. Truth is, this girl is inside anyone anyone willing to work hard to become WHO they want to be instead of WHAT.

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